Mellifera Tree-Beekeeping Festival 2019 English

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A workshop organized by Bartnictwo. At the and of this page there are more pictures about the Tree-Beekeeping Festival. Photo: Piotr Piłasiewicz

This year I’m organizing a Tree-Beekeeping Festival together with Stichting Phien, Bartnictwo and in Horst aan de Maas, The Netherlands near Germany and Belgium. This festvival takes place from 27-30 June. During this festival participants will make there own log hive according to Polish tradition. People from Poland will accompany this. For making the log hives there is a maximum of 12 people.

Stichting Phien will house this. Stichting Phien has different pieces of land. In the near future there will be permaculture and self-sufficient houses. At this moment there are Native Dark honeybees, because these bees are the best for the local environment and fit wel in a sustainability as beekeeping and permaculture.

Bartnictwo is an organization in Poland that is committed for preservation the tradition of tree-beekeeping. This tradition is disappearing in Poland and surrounding countries. For more attention; to show honeybees can survive in the wild and rewilding is a important option to strengthen the honeybee population, we organise this festival.
There website is organizing a introduction day of the Dark honeybee (Apis mellifera mellifera) on June 30th, from 14.00 till 17.00 hour. We will take a look in P- and F1-colonies of the Texel- (Dutch island) and Belgium Dark honeybees, Dylan Elen will guide this. Who is interested in this introduction day must register via citing HORST, participation is free. Vouchers for F1 queens will also be raffled among the participating beekeepers. The introduction day is in Dutch.
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Kennismakingsdag Horst aan de Maas_2019 for more information and sign up for the introduction day.

This Festival is open for everyone, but only 12 people can participate for making the log hives. There are a few lectures about the tradition of log hives in Poland, rewilding of the Native Dark honeybee. These lectures are accessible for everyone against a small compensation (unless participating to the log hive workshop, then it’s free). If you want to follow a lecture sign up via: mhnatuur[at]gmail[dot]com.

For participant of the log hive workshop there is lunch and diner. Stichting Phien has it’s own vegetable garden. Participant can stay overnight, but they have to bring there own tent, camper, or caravan. The log hives may of course be taking home afterwards.


Concept program

18.00 hour: start festival with a drink
20.00 hour: lecture log hives in Poland, Piotr.

10:30: start making of the log hive
12.30: lunch
14.00: work at the log hive
17.00: end of work, rest
18.00: diner
20.00: Piotr shows climbin by the Leziwo methode,
22.00: campfire

10.30: work at the log hive
12.30: lunch
14.00: work at the log hive
17.00: end of work, rest
18.00: diner
19.00: Lezing (topic not know yet), by Felix Remter, .
20.00: Lecture about rewilding of the Dark honeybee in free nature, by Dylan Elen

10.30: finishing the log hives
12.30: lunch
14.00: finishing the log hives
14.00: start introduction day Dark honeybee
17.00: end of festival, a drink Everybody takes it’s own log hive to home.

The cost of this festival
Depending on the participant. Minimum 7, maximum 12. at 7 participants €600 from 11 participants € 440.
Sign up before 15 juni
Minimaal participant: 7 – Minimum has reached!

Minimum has reached!

full = full there are more people interested.

Sign up by sending me an email at: mhnatuur[at]gmail[dot]com
Inclusive: lunch and diner, drinks, possibility to stay overnight, utilities for the log hives, we ask you to take you own chainsaw, lectures. At the end of the festival you will go home with you own log hive, you have to arrange your own transport.

Note: for injury during the log hive, damage or theft of your own belongings we are not liable, it is on your own risk. You have to sign it in writing. Off course, the location where you work will be demarcated with red-white ribbon for everyone’s safety.





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Foto’s: Piotr Piłasiewicz